An Infographic About NSA: From Security Provider To Cell Phone Tracker


The organization, according to some rumors, can actually track phone while they’re turned off. Why does the NSA have to use such advances mobile trackers on its own people. It’s a body that was created for the purpose of spying on foreign intelligence organizations like RAW, MOSSAD and MOIS; so how did it end up focusing on its own people? In the wake of the Boston Bombings and the New York shooting we’re left wondering what the point is of the government invading our privacy if they can’t even stop incidents like that. Check out the infographic for a detailed look at what the NSA has been up to.

4 Important Steps To Repair The Reputation Of Your Business In An Ethical Manner

Online reputation is a vital asset of a business, which can be molded by even a complete stranger online. Search engines display most active search results for a business when searched by a consumer, which a prospect looks at and creates an image of the business services/products depending on the popular reviews. These reviews are considered as a legitimate endorsement by the public, even if they are completely fake, so they can be used easily to damage the reputation of a business.

Criteria For Creating High Quality Backlinks To Gain A Better Rank In Search Engine Results

Google has modified the criteria of providing search results to users based on backlinks with a recent update to Panda, its search algorithm. This step has helped Google to provide high quality results to users of its search engine, to which backlinks play a prominent role. There is a criteria to be followed by website owners to build high quality backlinks for their website, which is discussed as below.

Stunning Gadgets: Science Fiction Becomes A Reality

How wrong the “Back to the future 2” movie was. By the year 2014 we were supposed to have micro fusion reactors, flying cars, hover boards, self drying clothes, self tying shoes and a hyper accurate weather system. Instead we have Smartphones and high gas prices. There are a few high tech gadgets that are kicking around the planet at the moment, but sadly we have not come very far on the gadget front when you compare our progress to that assumed on movies. Short of the James Bond satellite navigation system in a car, the movies seem to have got it wrong.

Discover More About The Importance Of Infographics In The World Of Digital Marketing

If you are running a digital marketing campaign, you will have to pay attention to so many things. Companies have to answer important questions before they could even start their campaign, and one of the important questions is if they should rely on Infographics or not. If you ask an expert, they will say that though the absence of Infographics will not kill your digital marketing, it makes sense to invest in a few good Infographics to add a touch of elegance to your marketing campaign.