The Best Blogging Platform for Beginners

Keeping in view the current scenario, most of the internet users do have their own blog spot. Blogging proved a best and effective way to share personal thoughts, information and also the easy method to show your presence in internet. Many internet users are of thee opinion For blogging they have to pay , which is a wrong perception . There are certain free blogging platforms available and open to all where anyone can create a blog for free. So utilizing a free, blogging platform will be a nice experience where one can enjoy the beauty and benefits of blogging in free. It would in the interest of beginners if they use free sites before going in paid. This practice will provide them experience too.

Free blogs are under some limitations like appearance and domain name. In free blogs your domain name will be like blog name ( which is impressionless, appearance of the blog can be choose from templates from a specific list. Many blogger use free blogging platforms, but due to good knowledge in HTML and CSS they’re able to tweak the default template of the blog to make its appearance attractive.


Is one of the most popular blogging site.This free blogging tool is quick and easy to set-up and run. It is with free hosting. It does allow content to be transferred to other web sites using FTP. With it's simple interface and a large array of features, Blogger is great, especially for beginners.

Live Journal

It is another popular blog for beginners. Live Journal attracts those specially , wishing for a personal diary or journal styled blog. LiveJournal has great community and supports like friends lists and personal profiles.But a weak points is there, Live journal is limited in terms of customization if compared with other blog tools. 


It focuses and covers the social networking aspect. It's a fun way to keep in touch with people. It features photo blogging and other nice touches , attract all age and groups. It’s mostly free, with some added features available for paying members. 

Word Press

It is one of best blogging software tools for personal and commercial use. Word Press needs to be installed on a server. It is very quick in installation , takes a few minutes.It provides lots of flexibility in shape of presentation and its usage with a great interface, lots of built-in features , an open source and expandable. It's one of the best supported blog platforms with lots of available plug-ins for added features. 

Movable Type

It is also one with most powerful blogging available tools. It is with too many features, giving full control over the blog. Installing MT might be difficult for non - technical know-how people , but many hosting services are offering MT pre-installed for a fee. There’s a free limited version of MT. 

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