Learn Programming With Google Code University

Universities contribute a large amount of success in an individuals life because it grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects in one individual but this is different in CS and IT. Many successful CS and IT company was developed and founded by students in different university including Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) in Harvard University and Sergey Brin (Google) and Larry Page (Google) in Stanford University. 

Sergey Brin and Larry Page was a college graduate in Stanford University while Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg was both a college dropped out but they develop and founded a successful company (WTF! The 2 developers and founder of successful company are dropped out? This proves that education should not hold boundaries). I know person (Hi! Daniel) who has a good programming skills even he is just in 14 (I think there is no programming in their class since he is currently on secondary education) which inspired me to learn more on programming that take me to a university where everything are free. 

Google Code University provides sample course content, tutorials, introductions, videos, exercise (I suggest you to try there exercise to enhance your programming skills) and classes for CS and IT students and educators on current computing technologies and paradigms which materials are free to use and does not require registration.

Google Code University provide courses including programming language, web programming and many more (I have not included all of the courses because were mainly focusing on programming).

Programming Language

Programming Language contains classes for C++ and Python and technology lectures for C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and Go.  

> Programming Language classes is where all who have lesser knowledge in programming suites because based on description the classes are geared for people with very little programming experience (Google know how to be user friendly to make an effort to create a classes to support user).

> Programming Language technology lectures is where all who have greater knowledge in programming suites because it provide opportunities for students and faculty to learn directly from expert develop.

Web Programming
Web Programming contains tutorials, contributed course content and video lectures for CSS, HTML, JavaScript and AJAX. 

> Web Programming is almost the same in Programming Language except for contributed course content which list all submissions from industry and universities that are designed to help teach distributed computing to students around the world.

These are 2 of many universities that submit their courses:


This summer I learned Python in Google Code University which every tutorials are well explained and easy to understand and you have the option to download exercises related to the tutorials (I think Google Code University should note "PROVE US WHAT YOU LEARNED").

Google idea of free content for all  proves that education should not hold boundaries for a reason even if its all about money. Cheer up! Give up just one bottle of beer or any vices you have and rent a personal computer for an hour to learn something (Remember! "KNOWLEDGE IS A TREASURE").