Mind8: The New Mind Mapping App For Windows 8

Mind8 is a freebie Windows 8 application that can be utilized to put pen to paper, your ideas in the form of a Mind Map. Windows 7 includes oodles of paid and free mind mapping apps with several feasible features, Mind8 is a new count to the Windows 8, that organizes and generates a network like diagram of ideas, thoughts, connections etc.

Mind8 has recently made its way in the Windows Store and at present, the fundamental functions are implemented and other advanced features are soon to be added. Mind 8 can be used for your thoughts, ideas, for taking notes, for your studies or as a coordinator for your business errands. It is a wide-ranging companion that helps out you to manage your everyday life in each state of affairs.

On the profile page of Mind8 , click the install button to install it on the system. Subsequent to the installation, you can load the app,  by means of a click on the tile that gets affixed to the start page inevitably. You can produce a fresh mind app or access obtainable ones from the application’s start page. Here you can then put in and get rid of nodes and revise note labels. On comparing the app to on hand solutions, you may observe that it is somewhat inadequate in terms of functionality. At the same time as you create, edit and remove nodes, you can’t for example insert labels to the connectors, or put in other nuts and bolts such as diverse shaped blocks or colors in the mind map.

With Mind8, if you wish to produce a fundamental mind map, it does not actually get simpler than this. Every mind map that you craft can be appended as a tile to the Windows 8 start page, which perk up the access to a great deal. In case you log in to the operating system through a Microsoft Account, you also get the advantage from involuntary synchronization and thus you can access your mind maps on all the systems running Windows 8 that you sign in with your account.


The interface of Mind8 is very simple and attractive having white and blue colors. The chief interface displays you the mind maps created.

A new mind Map can be generated by clicking the + icon on the top right corner of the screen or alternatively by pressing Ctrl + N.


You can fasten the mind maps that you have created to the windows 8 start screen, also you can create , delete and edit nodes by pressing F2. It helps you to speedily access the particular mind maps by simply eliminating the requirement of opening the Mind8 application directly.

You can Redo / Undo the doings, while you are inside the app, however , once you change from the app to its main interface, it is not possible to Redo / Undo the doings.

It supports both 32-bit and 64- bit platforms and also supports languages such as English, Spanish, French , German and Italian.


  • It lacks basic formatting.
  • To add colored labels, you require mind maps to be exported to several formats like HTML , JPEG, PDF or PNG.
  • It supports restricted shares.
  • It doesn’t support support importing other mind mapping app formats.
  • It is limited to simple tree structure.
  • It employs insufficient usage of Keyboard shortcuts.

With Mind8, you can print the mind maps , at a cost of around $2.99.  Though Mind8 lacks several essential features as expected from a mind mapping desktop application for Windows, but it is an optimum choice for those who ‘re looking for a free and simple app for conceptualizing ideas.

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