Students Learning Strategies In Learning Programming Language

Students Learning Strategies In Learning Programming LanguageStudents Learning Strategies In Learning Programming LanguageLearning programming is generally considered hard, in fact, programming is considered one of the reason why students in programming courses decided not to complete the chosen course. It has been said, that the normal student who start writing a code takes 10 years to become an expert programmer while less than 5 years if the student has a personal strategies and high motivation learning programming.

Naturally, students personal learning strategies and motivation affect their success in learning programming strategies. Using these learning styles the students come up with their own learning strategies that they use in learning their subjects in school.

Here are some of the learning strategies of the students in learning Programming language. These strategies will increase the learning motivation, retention of knowledge and understanding of the student. In general, the creation of these strategies towards learning will give a positive outcome. Current learning theories and learning techniques will be the tool to achieve this.


Internet is considered the most powerful tool according to the students. They can search additional readings, documents, and answer to their tricky questions in their mind. So because of the use of the Internet, most of them seek the help of Mr Google in searching example codes, syntax and tutorials of different programming language. They can learn, by just reading, some is by understanding, and other is by applying the searched codes.


According to Kolb learning cycle, the most influential and effective idea of learning is the experiential, it is the learning by doing. Experiential learning is highly relevant to learning in medicine and healthcare and Kolb suggests that ideas are not fixed, but are formed and modified through the experiences we have and by our past experience. These concepts underpin prevailing ideas in medical and other professional education and training such as the reflective practitioner and the shift from beginner to expert. 

This is the reason why some students never stops in just searching. They apply it, after searching the codes and tutorials over the web, they begin to learn using the trial and error process. Some of the students want to apply the method, but some of them are not, they stop in just reading and understanding. This method will test the patience of the students. Try and try until you succeed is their motto in this process because you can see that you have learn if you can make a system out of the program that you have just learn.


Programming language like Java is not easily understood mostly of the students. They easily learn while giving questions to their instructors. They want answers to satisfy their curious mind. They believe that it is better to ask question to learn and then after think and analyze the answer that you get in order for you to understand it.


Some students want to learn something thoroughly when they try to explain it to someone else. Study for tests with a friend. Make up questions for each other. Explain things to each other. The more they talk and write about a topic like learning programming language, the better they’ll understand. They want group discussion while learning. Learning programming language is more fun if you are with your friends. You never feel bored even the subject that you want to learn is too hard for you to understand.


We have different learning styles that fit in our own personality of learning. Some people want this process or method to learn but some are not. However we have so many differences in learning programming language, the main important is in the end we learn and analyze what are we trying to understand. I admit that learning programming is very hard to do and understand but if you are happy and enjoy what you are doing, you can learn how to do it little by little. This will improve your skills and give you additional knowledge in about programming language and how to do it. We are not born as expert programmers but we can make it by means of using different learning strategies in learning programming language.