Infographic: MyBlogGuest - The Web First Guest Blogging Platform

MyBlogGuest LogoMyBlogGuest is still a new enough service that a lot of people have yet to hear about it. Or at least they might not be sure of how it works if they have heard about it before. But it is really starting to talk off, with some very popular blogs using the site to find good posts to place on their blogs to improve their overall content.

For those who want to learn more, this review will attempt to take an honest look at the service.


This is a service that works by offering an easy way for guest bloggers and blog owners to meet. But unlike many sites that base this around basic profiles like a social network, this one is based around the work.

You post your work that you would like to see featured on a blog on the site, attached to your account. You can upload it as many times as you like, as long as they have unique descriptions each time.

Blog owners will search out the keywords you used or browse the correct category. If they like your post, they will send you an offer. You will get an alert through PM and email, and can reject or accept the offer. This allows you to make a choice as to the best potential place for your post, choosing between offers.

Once your post has been published, you will get another alert. From there, you can track all blog posts with their link builder tool, monitoring traffic, Twitter shares and Facebook likes. You will get an email if they remove the post or no-follow the link.

Infographic: MyBlogGuest, The Web First Guest Blogging Platform


All in all, customer reviews have been positive. Those who use the service say it is a much easier way to both find blog owners or guest posters, as well as monitoring them afterward. You can read some of those reviews here.

To try it for yourself, just sign up for an account at their official MyBlogGuest site. It is really easy to use, so you shouldn't have any trouble. But if you find yourself lost, check out this video review and tutorial.