Criteria For Creating High Quality Backlinks To Gain A Better Rank In Search Engine Results

Google has modified the criteria of providing search results to users based on backlinks with a recent update to Panda, its search algorithm. This step has helped Google to provide high quality results to users of its search engine, to which backlinks play a prominent role. There is a criteria to be followed by website owners to build high quality backlinks for their website, which is discussed as below.

  • A recent update to the algorithm by Google, Penguin, has changed the way links are measured for ranking of websites or web pages. It has become vital to create organic backlinks from websites having the country of origin same as that you need your website to be ranked for. Thus, a Link Building Company must create backlinks from a US based website, if you wish to get your site listed in top search results for the search engine users of the US.
  • Links created from web pages having page rank value of 1 or higher are preferred over those coming from websites having page rank 0. Though, PR0 sites also add the same natural effect, but a lower PR weight is provided to PR 0 sites than other sites by Google leading to lesser optimization effect from PR0 sites than PR1 sites. Also, the site that you are willing to place your site’s link on, must have earned the rank in an organic manner, instead of buying links or other unethical methods.
  • Web pages from where links are created for your website must be related to your website, which adds to the quality of the link created with your website from such a page. Links from irrelevant sites can lead to the loss of ranking.
  • Google has promoted manual link placing with its newest update to Panda, while rejecting automatic link placing. Automatic links are considered useless by Google, while manual links gain high optimization value.
  • Another trick for getting quickly observed by the search engine is by placing links on sites that have been recently indexed. This helps Google to easily and quickly find links placed by you and provide ranking earlier.
  • A main point to be kept in mind, while placing a link on a website is that the site should not belong to any of the categories including banned, de-indexed, listed on link farms & bad neighborhood sites. This step prevents you from a lower rank or a penalty to your website.
  • Another vital point that should be verified while placing a link on a certain site is that the site should have a lower count of outbound links.
  • For a better ranking, the location of a link matters a lot, which could be placed within the body of the content to provide a better ranking to the website. A backlink created from a link contained in the content of an article or a blog holds more value than a link placed at any other location. This allows the optimizers to attain higher ranks by placing the lesser amount of links that means creating highly efficient links.
Following the above mentioned criteria can help you get your website listed with a better rank, while promoting ethical optimization.


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