Stunning Gadgets: Science Fiction Becomes A Reality

How wrong the “Back to the future 2” movie was. By the year 2014 we were supposed to have micro fusion reactors, flying cars, hover boards, self drying clothes, self tying shoes and a hyper accurate weather system. Instead we have Smartphones and high gas prices. There are a few high tech gadgets that are kicking around the planet at the moment, but sadly we have not come very far on the gadget front when you compare our progress to that assumed on movies. Short of the James Bond satellite navigation system in a car, the movies seem to have got it wrong.


This is a device that is still in production and nobody is sure when it will be released. It is a fridge that uses hardly any energy. You place your items into a gel wall and it keeps them cool. The model that has been posted all over the Internet shows the product arrange erratically in a green gel fridge. The clever thing is that you can put your product anywhere and the product does not slowly sink to the bottom of the fridge; it stays wherever you put it.


People have been imagining 3D TV for a long time, and it is now available for all to buy. The great thing is that you do not need the typical red and green glasses. The eyewear that you wear is just clear plastic. It is just like watching TV with a normal pair of glasses on, but the images on the screen appear in 3D.


The True Lies movie showed Arnold Schwarzenegger place a small camera on his mantelpiece that was disguised as a packet of cigarettes. He then used a pair of shades to see through the camera. These days we have similar technology, except that our cameras are so small that they can hide in the button of a person’s jacket. Thanks to wireless receivers we can also transmit the images for miles too.


The closest we have gotten to the hover car is the hover train. In Japan they have built the fastest train on the planet, and they have made it so fast by having it hover above the tracks. There is no physical friction on the train at all. The only forces it has to overcome are inertia, wind resistance and gravity if traveling up hill. The train uses electromagnets to keep the train up and off of the track, and as a result it can achieve eye watering speeds whilst using very little energy. Even the technology that powers the track is becoming more efficient.


They have finally found a way of having a computer create an object without simply assembling it. The printer is fed plans into its system and then creates the object using layers of plastic. Each layer of plastic is added onto the object until it is finally complete. The technology has been a long time in development, and they have finally made it work correctly and consistently.

It is now a case of advancing the technology so that the “printed” objects are of a higher quality, and so that they can construct more sophisticated devices. Inevitability, unless they come across a big flaw in this device, then the 3D printer is going to one day revolutionize the whole manufacture industry. One day a fully working gadget may be created without ever leaving a single spot in the factor, as conveyor belt production will become a thing of the past.


If you watched Mission Impossible 3 then you will have seen facial recognition technology. You may not be surprised to know that it is already in existence. It is not as accurate as fingerprints or retinal scans, but it is available not only for government forces but also on the open market. The device identifies key elements on the face that rarely change such as the eyes, nose and position of the ears. It uses them as reference points for plotting the rest of your face.

It recognizes your face by how many of these markers it sees the next time is comes across you. It then gives the user a percentage score, indicating how much the device thinks that a face matches their database. Even if you hide your ears, grow a moustache and wear shades, it can still recognize your face (albeit with a small percentage output). It takes into account things such as any faces you are pulling and any weight loss or gain.


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