Top 5 Link Building Strategies

Link building remains a key aspect of SEO. Its one of the primary ways to bringing greater attention to your website and more customers to your site. External links to your site can expose your site to more potential customers and also show greater relevancy to the search engines, which can improve your organic search rankings.

These top 5 link building strategies below can help you achieve SEO goals faster:


Today, more than ever, developing your presence on the Web is about relationships. It is about whom you know and the quality and quantity of people you have in your network. Of course, having an established brand helps, but if you are not well-known, get out there and make it happen. In order to get links, social media followers, and get overall more exposure to your website is to get out there and be visible and connect with people.

You don’t have to attend all the events with the top people in your field but try to go to meet-ups or interact with as many people as you can in your field. Building these relationships can be much more effective in the long term than getting low quality links or sending out mass requests to friend people on social networks or request links form them.
By targeting those bloggers within your field with huge followings, not only would you be expanding your network but you would be increasing the odds that these known bloggers will include links back to your website and join your social networks.

#2. Guest Posts

If you have a blog, consider allowing other people to add their posts on your blog. If you choose your guest poster well, he or she should have a solid following in your industry and enough influence to encourage readers to follow your articles and even link back. You can also get an outside perspective and bring in new dialogue.

Guest posting is also a great way to make your own connections to others knowledgeable in your field, and having these contacts could open a lot of doors in the future.

#3. Link Out

This may seem counter-intuitive, but one of the top 5 link building strategies is to link out to other sites within your field. You can be sure that bloggers check to see who links to their sites, and quite often, when they realize they have been linked by someone else, they may develop a relationship with you and include a link back to you.
So what blogs should you choose? Find the ones within your business' specific field or area of interest. That way, you attack two problems at once: Getting more links to your site and marketing your company to your target audience.

There really isn't a way to express just how important social media can be when it comes to getting lots of links for your site. Links and shares are increasingly becoming connected. Should you create exceptional content for your site, you may be lucky enough to find it on the website for Reddit or another similar web service and find your site the subject of a lot of interest.

Additionally, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest can transform your attempts to link build into a grassroots efforts. Like an ever-growing pyramid, those who like your company's work will suggest others to see your business via links, who will in turn suggest it to others.

#5. Use Directories

Online directories are becoming a bit like dinosaurs on the Web. Who needs a directory listing when you have Google search? However, if you can find niche directories related to your industry, these can be beneficial, as can other high quality directories in sending referral traffic and increasing your links and overall visibility on the Web.
Following these top 5 link building strategies should help set you up for more success in your SEO and online marketing efforts. And that can pay real dividends in today’s competitive online environment!


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