Logo, Title and Topic

This is my first post in this blog so let me introduce what you can expect to this blog.
Blogging-Techies: Logo, Title and Topic
If you are a huge fan of DOTA you will absolutely notice the logo of my blog (Im not a huge fan of DOTA). If you think the character in the picture is Goblin Techies then your absolutely right but if you also think that this blog is another DOTA guide and tactics then your absolutely wrong there so many site that offer that service. Blogging-Techies is inspired to the name of the DOTA Heroes Goblin Techies but rephrase it a little to make it  more suitable to the topic and also im not a goblin just a techies who always want to do something in the front of my laptop and sometime in my desktop :P.  

Blogging-Techies is differ in my other blog namely Site for Open Source which contain post based on what I called RECAPTION(RE Copy And Paste of reacTION), meaning all topics in this post is not based on RECAPTION(RE Copy And Paste of reacTION) so make some respect comment on what you read.

Blogging-Techies cover topics which is related to technolgy, learning, training and project but if possible I will post some reviews, observation and IT related content that happen in my daily activities as a student.