Stream! High Traffic! Website Opportunity!

Pacquiao and Mosley fight is done, only one is held as winner and only one is held as loser. It is very different in the world of Internet, hundred or even thousand of website held as a winner while millions of website held as a loser in the reason that many website incredibly gain high traffic with the keyword "Pacquiao VS Mosley Live Stream".

I'm totally not fan of the two boxer or even boxing but I want to witness who will win in the two boxer as soon as possible. Watch it in television is the easiest way to have an access but I chose to watch it in the Internet because watching it in television takes an hour to finish due to over flooding of advertisement. Due to lack of knowledge where to start, I searched for the keyword "Pacquiao VS Mosley Live Stream" in search engine and after a few seconds search engine completely list all possible site that offer live streaming. I'm disappointed when I found out that page 1 to 5  of the search engine give an inaccurate result (ex: invalid link or website that only contains advertisement in the link which cause website owner to gain more income) and notice that their traffic is so high even page content is inaccurate.

Due to curiosity I observed their traffic using there Feedjit plugin and amaze on what I observe.

Example visitors visited per second: 5 visitors
          Visitors per minute = 300 visitors
          Visitors per hour = 18,000 visitors x 2 hours = 36,000 visitors

That's too much for a site that give inaccurate result and worse all site in page 1 to 5  in the search engine will increase their website ranking tremendously and also many website decrease their ranking because of the traffic. 

In order to correct my understanding, I changed my current understanding with it.


Internet  was developed to be a pool of human knowledge and human culture which would allow collaborators in remote sites to share their ideas and all aspects of a common project.


 was developed to fool the human knowledge and human culture which allow website owner to gain income by flooding advertisement in the click link.