Make Your Blog Searchable with Speech Through HTML5 Plug-in from WordPress

Writers on WordPress are now able to let their visitors search for content by-way of their voice. That's on account of a handy new plug-in recently devised by a WordPress user based on the Speech Input API Specification includedin HTML5. It works by essentially attaching the speech attribute to all search inputs on a blog. Once installed, visitors will have the option to command searches just by speaking.

The effects on blog business analytics could be astounding, yet true implementation is a long way off. That's because the speech recognition plug-in is a bit persnickety in its current state. Currently, the plug-in can only be used through version 11 of the Google Chrome operating system. Plans are underway for that to change, but it's certainly an inhibitor of the plug-in's popularity.

The immediacy of the plug-in's universality is of little consequence. The potential for speech-based searches within websites is a revolutionary prospect whether it happens two months from now or two years from now. 

But what will happen, exactly? Is there some sort of definite upside to letting visitors search via voice instead of by traditional typing? Nothing immediately indicates a revolution in blog SEO, but if internal searches boom as a result of this plug-in becoming popular then new rules will have to be written for search engine optimization.

The most important advantage of an immediate general release of this plug-in is the fact that as of today, it's a free service. Honestly, there's little way for it to ever cease to be free, but you never know. One hopes it is implemented as early as possible so that more and more bloggers have a chance to experiment with the tool before it becomes mainstream across the world's websites.

If you're curious and have a WordPress account, then download version 11 or higher of the Chrome browser to see how well the speech-recognition HTML5 app works. This is certain to become a popular feature on websites in the near future. Getting a head start on its function and possibility is up to you.

Maggie Durango is a free lance writer that loves new technology and fiddles with every new gadget on the market.