[Transform Windows 7] into Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Using “Ubuntu Skin Pack”

Day by day, more and more users are switching from Windows to Ubuntu because of the Ubuntu's advantages which includes comprehensive software updates, integrating software updates, simple, minimal and clean look.

While Ubuntu has many advantages,it is still undeniable that it also has a lot of disadvantages. Gaming is one of the main disadvantages of Ubuntu since many game developers only release their developed game in Windows and Mac operating system.

If you are a gamer and also use Ubuntu but force to switch to Windows while gaming but love simple, minimal and clean look of Ubuntu, here is something interesting for you.


"Ubuntu Skin Pack" is a customization pack for Windows 7 users which can make Windows look like Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal).

This pack changes almost everything in Windows 7 to transform it into Ubuntu. It changes login screen, boot screen, wallpaper, theme, start button, icons, sounds and many more. It also installs a few utilities to provide Ubuntu functionality.

You can download it using following link: Download Link

NOTE: Please create a system restore point before installing this skin pack so that you can restore default Windows look in case you don't like the new look or face any problem.