You Don't Need A Dime To Start Up A Successful Blogging Business

Blogging business is getting wider day after day as many individual in it generate a multi-million dollar venture and eventually become an employer of labor.

Blogging initially was an expression of hobby; it gives you a platform to share with the internet audience what you are best at doing. As time goes, it became a venture, and many internet and non-internet based companies offers money to bloggers, companies like Google and Amazon having loads of advertisers also came out with a scheme that turned blogging to real time business. Many blogs has successfully turned out to a multi-billion dollar empire, examples are: TechCrunch, Hongkiat, BGR, Geeky-gadget, GSMarena, thenextweb, and the likes. The TV and Radio media also saw what is going on in this venture and came to dig the gold, now BBC, CNN, Al-jazeera, SuperSport, now owns a blog for the internet audience. Now it is your turn to join the lucrative blogging business.


The world is experiencing global meltdown in economic system leading to a high rate of unemployment, if you say you want to join the government cooperation, it is no more by merit, as it has become a circus of a thing whereby, you must get somebody standing to work it out for you. The next issue again is that, most companies are now employing machines to do their work in order to cut down cost on labour, for example, banks installs the ATM machine which gets a daily improvement, and what use will a crowd of labor be to them, some has to go, and yet they have to survive. The coming school leavers must have a place to work to keep survival, yet the whole place is saturated. A very good option for catering for this problem is by creating a self job, entrepreneurship, and one option under this is by starting a blogging business, because it requires you no penny to get started.



I don't care at first if it a desktop or a laptop, all I am after is a good and functional computer system, this is one of the basic tool you need to get your blogging business started. You computer must have the basic applications, I don't know whether it a Mac or Windows PC you have got, but you need the basic office tools installed on it, such as the Microsoft office tool, never mind the version, if it the 2003 version you can afford, it could still do the work.


If you have got a free Wi-Fi in your street, you are very lucky, I have to buy a data modem and subscribe for a data plan when I got started, but your campus may offer you a free internet to use, please utilize it, and get down to your own lucrative blogging business. Never use a cyber cafe, I won't recommend this, because we will be dealing with the Ad sense service, and if your ad sense ads got clicked from the computer you register, you are now, Google will block your account, no matter how much you have made in it.


Here, you will have to use your brain a pen and paper, observe and are where you have most interest, it could be cars, people, politics, gadgets, or technology. Formulate a simple name which can suite a domain, compile about 3 or 4 of them, you will use one of them in your blogging platform, you created 3 in case some are being used by other bloggers. I previously registered a free blogger domain,, but I have upgraded it to to create something more professional. You can start with the free domain just like I did.


Now your internet is set up, and you need a blogging platform to kick off the blogging business. There are a number of platforms you can use, but I will recommend just two, that is or These are the two most popular and effective free blogging platforms that allows Ad sense incorporation into your blog. I don't need to explain how to open this account, just enter those websites, and sign up there, you will get a lead. The next thing is that you will start creating content (writings) based on your niche of interest.


This is one of the places the income enters from your blogging business, open and set up a Google Adsense account, you will link it to your blog, here, Google sends some advert to your blog based on the related niche, and when someone clicks it, you get paid.

Note: Please never try to click your Ad sense advert as you will get caught, that is why I rebuked you to use a cyber cafe.

Google sends a monthly cheque to your home box address, and you can smile to the bank.


Affiliate marketing, Advert offers, paid links, selling a product etc.

This is where I will like to stop. I have given you the basic tips; go online to do more research on the rest of the program you can incorporate in your blogging business I mentioned.

As time goes, you start learning SEO practices and professional blogging.

Hope you have a wonderful time with this write up, feel free to ask further questions about blogging business in the comment box below!


Olukunle Moses is a techie blogger, he also freelances on writing, he has a new project he runs for, and he also offers latest information in the world of technology.