Clicker: The Internet Television Guide

When it comes to the Internet TV sites, the most interesting of them all is Clicker. Despite the fact that this site does not have any Internet TV videos, yet it is equipped with a huge database of shows and provides links to where you can easily find them. 

With its extensive catalog of shows, Clicker is definitely a stronger site in terms of content. In case you are looking for anything, you can definitely find it on this site if it is on the Internet. The reason being, that the site has indexed every Internet TV site possible. Therefore, whatever you want, you can find it here

Since it has indexed almost every Internet site, the selection options are many on Clicker. There are so many networks listed that once you start browsing you are even distracted checking out the ones that you have not heard of before. But if you stay focused, and search for the particular show then definitely there is no better place than Clicker.

The search options available on Clicker make it easy to search for popular shows for example. The site provides list of shows in categories like new, popular and highest rated in the Internet multiverse. With such categorization, searching for popular shows or good stuff becomes quite easy and convenient.

Although Clicker is the best place to find your favorite show, it has a huge database of Internet TV sites, and provides easy browsing and searching by the name of the show, the network or even by the category. But the very fact that Clicker does not host any of the Internet TV shows is what is annoying at times. When you have browsed through it and have found the show and the episode that you want to watch, Clicker would route you to the site that is hosting that video. Again, this can be quite frustrating if the site that you are directed to is not well designed or user friendly. Moreover, it is quite possible that site would ask you to download or install a specific player in order to watch the video.

However, there are good things as well. One thing is that on its home page you wont find any annoying advertisements, rather just promotions of TV shows. Although there are no advertisements, you would definitely see so many links on each page that it gives a very congested and cluttered. With so much cluttering of links to shows and networks on the page in the first look, it often seems that the page only has ads on it and nothing meaningful. But once you begin your research for the show or network and get over with the sea of recommendations, you won’t see any advertisements anymore.

However still this does not mean that Clicker would take out on the advertisements by routing you to the Internet TV site. You still have to manage all and get through whatever that Internet offers or puts in your way.


Unlike the traditional Internet TV sites, Clicker is quite different. It offers a huge collection of all the TV shows, episodes, and networks that you can find on the Internet. Although searching and browsing on the site can be quite annoying, this doesn’t affect the Clicker’s appeal. This site definitely makes your search quite easy and provides various preferences in one place. Given this very feature of Clicker, it definitely makes it an all-in-one-place to finding Internet TV videos.

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