SMSFI: Send Unlimited Free SMS In India

Eversince SMS has been created, there is a possibilities that it can one of the primary mode of communication. SMS changed the way people communicate in which also become a massive commercial industry. Until now, SMS is the most widely used data application and one of the basic need communication in the world. This reasons gives opportunities in many companies to established an SMS based company.

SMSFI is an Internet based SMS service site in which user can send unlimited free SMS to any mobile in India from all over the world with the idea of bringing innovation on a single platform. In addition to SMS, SMSFI has a accessible and scalable communication techniques.

SMSFI has a estimated total of 2.5 million users active and satisfied users not only in India but also on other countries see the demographics below.

SMSFI already proved that they substantially change the way of communication between an Internet based SMS service site. Its success bring there more features that every social media have including:


Members will never miss any latest happenings, Bollywood gossip, movie trailers or the latest clicks of your favorite celebrities.


Browse in SMSFI large database of photos, videos, contest and games that encourage user interaction and give them a chance to win exciting prizes.


SMSFI allows the member to post a resume to see by hundreds of companies that seek an employee that will help you finding your dream job.