DIASPORA ALPHA: An Open Source Social Networking Service

The social network you have been waiting for has arrived. Revamped, more secure, and more fun, DIASPORA ALPHA is ready to help you share and explore the web in a whole new way.   

1. Get Connected 

An international movement with a shared vision for a better web, DIASPORA ALPHA‘s main feature is its community. Meet new people, connect with friends, and join the fun.

2. Be Yourself 

The Internet has created unique new ways for us to express ourselves.
DIASPORA ALPHA lets you be yourself and share however you want, with or without your real name. 

3. Have Fun 

DIASPORA ALPHA is all about discovering amazing new content and people online. Cubbi.es, the world's first DIASPORA ALPHA application is just the begining. Collect and share the web in all of its glory.