Infographic: Are You Practicing Safe Coding?

Having a website means that sometimes, we leave ourself open if our website is poorly coded. While one might think safety in coding should be left to computer programmers and software developers, one should think again.

Given how drastically our business and social lives have changed due to technological advances in computer technology, safe coding should be a concern to everyone who has any sort of Internet presence or who enters information into any kind of software application. Sometimes, poor coding in any of these platforms could have the potential to reveal confidential business or personal information, leak financial information, or in the worst cases, compromise personal and institutional identity. 

Veracode, a provider of Application Risk Management Platforms, created this infographic, "Are You Practicing Safe Coding?", to have a better understanding in the different ways that better coding can lead to more safe application development and how poor coding can lead the application vulnerable to attackers .

This Infographic is Property of Veracode, a provider of Application Risk Management Platform.