Infographic: The Legalities of the Cloud

Would you ever dare to guess the amount of data that is stored and exchanged on the Internet everyday? How about every minute? It is more than any one person can fathom, and it only stands to increase as Internet technology continues to take over every facet of business and social economy today. Luckily, in response to this reality, a new solution called cloud computing has emerged, which is a platform through which Internet users can access and store data via virtual storage space anywhere in the world, rather than in their own hard drives. While the convenience and efficiency of the cloud has won over many Internet users, it has also spurred controversy over its longevity, security, and legality. 

This infographic, "The Legalities of The Cloud", delves into all of these issues and how these concerns are relevant to Internet users worldwide.

Infographics about the Legalities of the Cloud

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