Infographic: Stealing The Jewels From Google's Crown

Synonymous with search (and for some 'the internet), Google's ascendancy shows no signs of waning in the near future. Sadly, most ordinary people rarely think about how much search engines such as Google have made our digital lives easier - and rarer yet decide to use anything else. At the gates, however, hordes of challengers gather - not for the throne, but for a slice of the empire. Do any of them stand a chance?

This infographic sent details some of their best contenders for  (at least part of) the search engine crown. It's worth giving each a visit to see just how much of a threat you think they pose. Take a look below and let us know your thoughts. Do you think any of them have a real chance against a company with so much digital real estate? Are you a user who's already 'quit Google' over privacy concerns? 

This Infographic is Property of Ladbrokes