Tips To Increase Your Adsense Earnings

Making money in Adsense is sometimes deceiving, many publiher thought that they will be an instant  millionaire once there application for Adsense has been approved. The truth is, you can really be a millionaire in Adsense but not in an Instant. There are many factors to be considered in able to maximize the potential of earning more in Adsense.


Whether your primary goal is to earn, you will need a good amount of visitors. It is proven that the more visitors in your website, the higher the chances that the advertisement can be clicked. Writing unique and quality contents on your blog will go a long way in increasing your traffic.  Sharing your blog content in your favorite social media can also help in increasing your  blog traffic. 


Sometimes, traffic is not enough to increase your earnings. Advertisers do not pay the same amount of money to show there ads on Adsense, the cost per click varies from one ads to another depending on how competitive the niche or keywords are, as the case maybe. Make use of Google keywords tool and write your blog contents based on competitive keywords.

" It is better to get 1 click worth 1€ than to get 15 clicks worth 0.15€ "


" I already receiving a good amount of traffic and already targeted high paying ads but I still have low income "
Do not hide your ads, make sure you put your ads where people will easily see it, perhaps a leader board below your blog logo,a rectangular ads after post title and one at the end of your posts, these will make your readers to easily see your ads and click on it


Do not be deceived by people showing you screen shots with fat Adsense cheque, most of them engage in illegal clicking and Google will disable your account as soon as it discovers that your using some black hat tricks to get more clicks.


If you follow the above tips, you should notice a drastic increase in your Adsense earnings.