Android Smartphone: How to Protect Battery Life

Are you using Android smartphone for your personal or professional purposes? If yes, then you are also in need of a phone that has a longer battery life offered for a longer period of time. Every individual using an Android cell phone would worry about protecting the battery life of their smartphone. There are some tips that can help you in protecting the battery life of your own Android smartphone instead of purchasing a new battery after every few months. An Android phone is a powerful smartphone in terms of technology and versatile features. However, battery life is never endless and not as powerful to last even for a day. Some tips can be useful for protecting and improving the battery life of your Android phone. 


A great deal of battery power is consumed in services, such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. and these services may not be used by you on your phone all the time. Therefore, it is recommended to switch off all such services that are not being used since they take up a lot of your smartphone battery life. Switch these services on your Android phone only when you want to use them. Generally, the user forgets to close the unnecessary functions and services that are not in use. It may be the reason of killing the battery life of your cell phone.
In order to protect the battery life, you should switch off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while you are not using them. Bluetooth should be switched on only when data and files need to be transferred. Also, for Wi-Fi, the phone continues to search for the hotspots of Wi-Fi if you leave it on and it will kill the battery life. 


Animated wallpaper may look very attractive on your Android phone, but it consumes much battery of your phone. Therefore, it is advised not to use live wall papers to improve your battery life and protect it for a longer time period. You may also have unwanted and superfluous widgets on the home screen of your cell phone that give beautiful animation. These widgets may seem to be inactive on your home screen, but they also take most of the battery life. All these surplus demands on your Android phone can become a culprit for eating up the battery of the phone.


If you let your battery overheat, the span of the battery life will be definitely decreased. Also, leaving the phone on charging once it has charged completely will reduce the battery life of your Android phone. The battery may also be overheated if you leave it in your car as the temperature may build up. Hence, avoid all the conditions that create chances of reducing or affecting the battery life. It is also very important to use the correct and original charger of the manufacturer because low quality and cheap chargers are inappropriate for use. 


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