Your Appraisal Can Be In Danger With Monitoring Apps

Managers have a huge task of not only taking care of the daily tasks at office, but also managing the performance of their employees. After every six months or so employee appraisals are conducted and although these are valid methods of testing employee behavior they aren’t always reliable. Around appraisal time, employees generally know they are being observed and their performance analyzed, which makes them to act differently, more composed and more unnatural so if you want to know the truth behind your employees and conduct appraisals based on their daily tasks then there’s nothing better than the iPhone spy application for you.


Cell phone monitoring software can come handy situations like these, where employers want to monitor the activities of employees to know their performance. It happens several times that employees end up misusing the internet connection and other facilities provided by the company. With iPhone spy application you can find out what your employees do on the internet. A complete list of all the websites that have been visited by your employee is accessible through the spy application. If your employee is using the internet to download games from app store or is downloading songs and busy on social networking sites then you will be reported instantly - helping you to decide between serious and hardworking; and non-serious employees.

The monitoring software also works as a tracker device, enabling employers to know about their employees' emails - where they have applied for jobs and what are their activities. If you’re worried about employees transmitting vital firm information to outsiders or competitors then this will give you the head start and so you can take whatever action that is necessary. Many employees try to change jobs or think of quitting and although they need to give a month’s notice its still difficult to find someone for the job in time and this sometimes pushes the firm to its limits. By getting access to your employee’s emails you’ll be able to check if they’re trying to quit or find some other job and this will again warn you against such an activity and you can then start recruitment or its process without letting the firm experience any kind of production or efficiency shortfall.

Appraisal system is a very responsible task. If an employer makes a wrong decision, it will only de-motivate other employees, bringing their morale down and effecting work in the office. 


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