FLOCK will gone if ROCK begin to MELT

Nowadays, social networking is one of the mostly use medium for communication over the Internet due to its ability to create a relation between its user (friendship, relationship, interest, dislike,  knowledge and many more). Due to its popularity, many developers integrate the social networking into web browser commonly called as social media web browser.

Flock is one of the social media web browser that earn popularity due to its capability to successfully integrate in different social networking and also media service (MySpace Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more).

Flock is one of the web browser that suit to social networking and media service addict but that was before. Why? I'm one of the reader of  Loading-Info (Hi! Gian Faye!) and found out that Flock is now discontinued with support and developer recommended users to switch to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two of the known web browser in the Internet but the way how to integrate on its user is different than FLOCK. How about its users? Moving to different browser is hard, it is like moving to another country that may cause culture shock. Good thing that there is a new web browser that begin to established it's name in the Internet.

RockMelt is a new
social media web browser that will remove or less the problem in moving into different browser due to the fact that they are both social media browser and also integrate in different social networking including Facebook and Twitter.

I downloaded
RockMelt client client which the size is very small and let the client download all the needed component and explored some of its notable feature.

RockMelt will ask for user Facebook account after installation in order to enjoy some notable feature of the browser but this is an optional so you can skip but it will be more like Google Chrome.


Rockmelt has an optional Facebook side bar on the left (if you enter your Facebook account) of the Browser window for communicating with contacts without having to open new tab.
It displays the user's own status which can be updated, and display picture, and the contacts in a list with their own statuses and display pictures.


Rockmelt has an optional Facebook side bar on the left (if you enter your Facebook account) of the Browser window for
notification, news feed and a feature in which you can invite friends to use Rockmelt by sending message ("Your friend has invited you to try out RockMelt, a smart new browser that we think you'll like. Tell us what you think!") to the chosen user.


Rockmelt has an optional Facebook footer (if you enter your Facebook account) of the Browser window for messaging multiple user.


Although RockMelt is
on its developmental stage and only few plugin is supported there are no reason to doubt that this browser can be including on the next BROWSER WAR due to its notable feature and speed (same as Google Chrome)