Web Pages That Sucks - Learn Good Design By Looking At Bad Web Design

Making a good web design is much easier now due to many software that offers an easier way in designing a webpage (Blogger, WordPress and Joomla) even if it is not a web designer. It can be done by creating your own web design by simply downloading a theme on the Intenet or if you have enough money you can hired a web designer to take care of your web page.

Due to over crowded population of website (Netcraft report  suggests that the total count of websites is around 156 million), it is unavoidable to have the existence of bad web design (inappropriate background, text, link, graphic, tables, blinking and animation, junk, navigation and general web design in a web page).

Web Page That Sucks is a site created by Vincent Flanders that review websites over the WWW with bad web design where reader can learn good web design by looking at bad web design to prevent same mistake and gives us the opportunity to learn from other people mistakes without having to make them ourselves so you might check it out (your site might be one of them :P).

Note: Web Pages That Suck is Currently in version 3.0
I read the description of Web Pages That Suck and they post notable comment from web master from site that Web Page That Suck mention including:

Note: This post are originally posted in Web Pages That Sucks
If there is one thing I wish someone had banged into my head from the start, it is everything mentioned on this site (Web Pages That Suck). Read it, study it, beat your ego down into the box where he/she belongs and apply it to your own work. You will become stronger and better for it.

But alas, I probably wouldn't have listened. I have a BFA in Art and came from the print industry, so a large part of my directive was all about the design, all about "how it looks" and to heck with everything else. I'm just thankful I learned how wrong I was early on.
Another notable post is: 
It’s rare to find an entire site that’s one great big piece of link bait, but (Web Pages That Suck), educating and informing webmasters amateur and pro alike in how to make great web sites by negative example, definitely qualifies.

...Even at over 25,000 inbound links and counting, it still probably ranks as one of the most underused webmastering resources online, and maybe always will.
At the end of the last comment Vincent Flanders noted that "The Linkbait Hall of Fame (another wonderful site that is no longer with us)". No longer with us? This mean that The Linkbait Hall of Fame (I think that the name of the site) updated their web pages to build a better design and take the Web Pages That Sucks Review not as a misjudgement but in a way that they learn from their mistake.

I checked some candidate in worst web design (IDK if they are aware that Web Page That Suck is exist) in year 2010 and this is what I found out. 

Yale School of Art
After (Note: The picture of the cat is moving)


Shop in Paradise


Yale School of Arts improve a little bit by removing the high contrast background image but the down side is they change the picture to a moving cat which may cause laziness (do not take my comment to the site seriously :P) while Shop in Paradise is now under construction which is a good sign that their site might be aware for their bad web design. 

Because of satisfaction with what I see and what I learn I was browsing their archives and excited by what I saw in one of the candidate in year 2007. 


WTF! Even Microsoft was noticed and did not pass by Web Pages That Sucks (I remember the story of David (Web Pages That Sucks) and Goliath (Microsoft)). Based on what I read the only problem to Microsoft was the lack of contrast which may cause text hard to read. BTW they also earn nice word from the Web Pages That Suck which is "STUPID" (I wish Bill Gates don't get angry when he read it). 

Did I mention the link? I think not BTW if you have some time visit Web Pages That Sucks who knows? Your site might be include next year :P.