Download: The True Story Of The Internet

Note: WWW = World Wide Web | GUI = Graphical User Interface
Internet is an electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world.
- Merriam Webster.
Since the invention of WWW Internet has become a part of our everyday life in which you can almost do everything while staying at home including searching, shopping, networking, learning, entertainment and many more as long as you have computer or mobile device that is capable of connecting in the Internet.

In 1998, John Chambers (CEO of Cisco Systems) spoke about the Internet revolution:
The Internet will change how people live, work, play and learn. The Industrial Revolution brought people together with machines in factories, and the Internet revolution will bring together people with knowledge and information in virtual communities. And it will have every bit as much impact on society as the Industrial Revolution. It will promote globalization at an incredible pace. But instead of happening over 100 years, like the Industrial Revolution, it will happen over 100 years.
As of now Internet carries a wide range of information resources and services such as Information (WWW), Communication (E-Mail) and Data Transfer (File Sharing and Streaming Media) and many more but do you have an idea why these is all happen? From only a purpose of being a US Department Defense into a broad range of application.

Download is a documentaries which is about the past, present and future of the internet that has radically changed and took over our lives in just 10 years.

Download interview some of the founder, employee and investor of known company in the world of computing including Microsoft, Netscape, Yahoo, Google, Excite, E-Bay, Amazon, Napster, Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia, Craigslist and many more in which they discuss how they went to Silicon Valley (I think this is the place of the best geek in the world) and how there ambition become a billion dollar business.

Technology journalist John Heileman serves as the host of the documentaries that divided into 4 episodes which is:

Browser Wars
Browser Wars is where Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark developed the 1st GUI web browser namely "Mosaic" and followed by Netscape Navigator in which they decide to surpass Microsoft but unfortunately failed.

Interesting fact: There is a scene in this episode where Bill Gates arrested because of stealing some important data.
Search is where Yahoo, Excite and Google was developed in which they created a unique way of finding information over the WWW that caused to replaced many search engine.
Bubble is where Amazon and Ebay was developed in which they create a unique way of shopping that dominated the global economy  and change the way we live.
People Power
People Power is where many social networking site develop which it proves that people do like to be interactive with new media content everywhere and as opposed to the old assumption that the public would rather not be bothered with the trouble of looking for necessary files.

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