SEO: Do You Need To Reach This Kind Of Practices?

Ever since I involved in the WWW especially in the Blogosphere I always read the term SEOptimization as part of increasing the amount of visitors to website by the process of improving the visibility of website in  search results page of a search engine and by targeting different kinds of search including image search, local search, video search, academic search and news search that suited to the website content in order to give visibility to a website.

As a part of strategies SEOptimizer must know:
  1. How search engine work?
  2. What people search for in the search engine?
  3. What is the common search terms typed into search engine?
  4. Which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience? 
I read articles about SEOptimization and almost all of the articles mention that the SEOptimization is not that difficult to learn. Really? So SEOptimizer can easily manipulate the SERP as long as you have knowledge in SEOptimization? Even if website contents are inaccurate?

While I was searching for some pornographic content in a search engine (I am not ashamed to say it because I'm a man) with a keyword of "C*r*i*n* T**a**o Scandal". I visited a site where in the contents are not  on pornographic content but for the current events, movies, news, showbiz, technology, gadgets, sports and lifestyle. 

I read the post content and this is what change my mood:
I'm coming back for a brand new SEO experiment! It is actually not that new but it is kinda new to my blogs. "The Pinay Sex Scandal, Sex Videos, Nude Pictures and Sex Videos" keywords.  I am not providing any pornographic materials here, as what I have said this is only for SEO purposes.

So what you can find here? There's no materials such Pinay Sex Scandal, Sex Videos, Nude Pictures and Sex Videos here! So you better go into Google and try to find some pornographic contents there about Pinay Scandals!

But since I am a good person. I will give you a list of some websites wherein you can found the things that you are looking for!

(Some link of pornographic site listed)
Based on the article I read SEOptimization is categorize into 2 including "White Hat SEO" which follow the proper guidelines, rules and policies of search engines and "Black Hat SEO" which break the proper guidelines, rules and policies of search engines.

I don't have broad knowledge about "White Hat SEO" and "Black Hat SEO" but it is possible that the website is consider as "Black Hat SEO" because of worthless pages with no content and created specifically for the purpose of ranking well in the engines that consider as "Spam".

This is the question I want to ask to the webmaster:
  1. Do you really care about your website? 
  2. Is this your proper way of using SEOptimization to increase the amount of visitor? 
Also I want to say to the webmaster that search engine like Google always add new features in order to give accurate SERP including Google Panda and Google +1 that created controversies and havoc in the internet industry.