Cyber World's Most Wanted Hackers

Cyber World's Most Wanted HackersThis past month cyber crime has become increasingly important to tackle in the Philippine because of many incidents of malware invasion, online scams, and sexual predation involving the Internet.

Even the Philippines have initiated regulations and laws against cyber crime there are still many events related to cyber crime which proves that it still can not prevent the events related to cyber crime.

According to the news, social networking services particularly Facebook which has 25 million users in the Philippines are another area of attack.

The most intense year in cyber crime in the Philippines is year 2000 where ILOVEYOU virus was created by Onel de Guzman which is notable both for the widespread mischief it caused as well as the mainstream media attention it received that mark in the history of computing.

I searched some of most wanted peoples in the history of computing and this peoples made the list

Kevin Mitnick-Cyber World's Most Wanted Hackers

Kevin Mitnick was the most the most wanted computer criminal in his generation. He was known by doing various convicted computer and communication related crimes. Many article states that he hacked into the computer systems of some of the top technology and telecommunications companies in the world including DEC, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, and Fujitsu Siemens after confessing it as part of a plea-bargain agreement. 
“Information is secure when it costs more to get than it's worth”
- Kevin Poulsen
Current Occupation: Computer Consultant, Mitnick Security Consulting


Kevin Poulsen-Cyber World's Most Wanted Hackers

Kevin Poulsen or Dark Dante known for his skill (serve as his handle name) in hacking telephone lines. His most famous hack was a takeover of all of the telephone lines for Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM, ensuring that he would be the 102nd caller and the winner of the competition prize which is a Porsche.

“Information is secure when it costs more to get than it's worth”
- Kevin Poulsen 

Current Occupation: Senior Editor at Wired News


Adrian Lamo-Cyber World's Most Wanted Hackers

Adrian Lamo is also called as Homeless Hacker because he used coffee shops, libraries, Internet cafe and universities connection to investigate networks and reporting on their vulnerabilities to the company. His most famous hack is when he broke into internal computer network of The New York Times and adding his name in the database of list of experts.

Current Occupation: Threat Analyst