MS Access Password Recovery Tool - No Reason To Forget Your MS Access Password!

Today, the popularity of social engineering is undeniable due to the fact that doing this kind of practices can gain some benefits. To prevent social engineering, individual also think and act like one of them and enable high security.

The basic way to prevent social engineering is to have a secured password that can not easily break. There are some sites that provide tips to have a secured password but remember that “In Every Action There Is An Opposite Reaction” which means there are also risk in using secure password.


What happen if you have a password with a length of 10-15 character combined with upper and lower case letter, numbers and special character? Secured right? What about the outcome? This kind of password cannot easily remember right? As a solution, user writes the password in a piece of paper which is too risky.

MS Access is one of used DBMS in MS Visual Basic because data can easily manage unlike MySQL. With the growing number of MS Access user, there is also a higher percentage that many users forgot there MS Access password.


MS Access Password Recovery Tool help user to retrieve their password when needed.

Software Used

Visual Basic 6.0 is the programming language that is used in developing the software and MS Access 2003 to test the software effectiveness.


Choose file to recover passwords
Path are already designated
Password recover successfully
Show the passwords
This program is not intended to practice social engineering but it is created to help user that have an issue in recovering there MS Access password.

The source code of this program is available to distribute so if you are interested kindly send me a message in Yahoo with a subject of “I need the source code of this program”.