Angry Animals: An Angry Birds Alternative For Ubuntu

Gaming is one of the most addictive past time of an individual which Facebook grab this opportunity and makes socializing more enjoyable. In year where 3D games are popular, it is very odd that there are still new games that are made in 2D. 

Angry Birds is a popular 2d puzzle game which is based on law of physics where player control a group of angry birds who have their eggs stolen by the band of evil green pigs.  In each stage, you have a mission to kill the band of evil green pigs that made themselves protected by piece of woods, ice block and stone slabs.

Ubuntu users can play Angry Birds using Wine but it consume more memory than usual because it is like running an application from an application.

Angry Animals is a Angry Birds clone type game where the barn yard animals are rallying together to defend the planet from alien invaders.
Angry Animals Skill:

Sheep = Red Bird

This sheep is normally just fly and hit. but it can easily break through glass material and can shatter long and slim wooden material.
Pig = Blue Bird

This pig has a special trait also known as scatter shots which can use to break blockx of glass or to push some materials to group advantage.

Bird = Yellow Bird

This Bird has a special trait also known as speed booster which can pierce through on wood blocks with ease but with a slight weakness on ice.

Cow = White Bird

This cow has a special trait also known as milk drop which drop down milk on target that explode.

Buffalo = Black Bird

This buffalo has a special traits also known as explode which can destroy things where it lands.


This game is an SWF file so it is available in any operating system as long it support flash player.