5 Android Apps For Bloggers


Android is the most famous and most widely used operating system used by millions of mobile phones. Android is famous due to its large database of applications. There is always an app to do anything on your mobile phone. As Blogging is becoming famous day by day many developers have created Android apps for bloggers to help manage their blogs easily. Bloggers love checking out their stats and earnings as well, Android apps make it easy to check them. Here are five must have applications for bloggers which can make blogging life easy.



With this simple and tiny application you can edit, write save and publish your blog post easily. WordPress For Android makes it easy to check your blog stats (Make sure you've installed WordPress Stats Plugin). Approve or disapprove a comment, reply to the comment and add value to the conversation.


This application is suitable for mobile bloggers who love to do mobile posting. You can write professionally using this Android application and directly publish the blog post on your blogger.com hosted blog. Moderation of the comments is easy when you use this app.


HootSuite is a special application created for bloggers who use social media websites like twitter and facebook to increase traffic to their blogs. You can easily schedule tweets and facebook posts using HootSuite. You can use this app to easily popularize your content on the social media websites to make your blog post go viral.

Almost all the bloggers use Google Analytics to keep track of their visitors, Top blog posts, Top country sending the most traffic and all. Google Analytics app is easy to use and quite simple made for bloggers who are very serious about the traffic and ranking of their blogs. This application is recommended to almost all bloggers who want to be successful in their blogging life.


This is one of the best application that helps you in creating notes. It's helpful because you can't keep your computer turned on all the time but whenever you get an idea of a new blog post then you can easily write it down in the notes provided by this app.


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