Android Apps For Daily Marketers

Blogging and Online marketing has got a tremendous increase in the recent years. Bloggers and Marketers love to have a smartphone with them and the best smartphone device is the one with Android or iOS Operating System. A smartphone device decreases your blog’s workload as you can manage 50% of your blog using your mobile phone which is amazing

Here are some apps to keep track of your blog and your earnings.

Evernote is a clever note making application which stores information in cloud and syncs it up with all your devices. Ever note even allows you to take audio, picture and text notes in conferences and classes. Notes thus collected can be compiled in to epic blog posts at a later stage. It is the Winner of Many Awards from New York Times, TechCrunch, Mashable.


Droid analytics is built to visualize your Google Analytics data. Not only will you be able to see daily, weekly and yearly stats for your Pages Views, Visitors, Visits, Average Time, and Page per Visits, they have also included amazing graphs to make sense of all this data.


Most of you would have been using PayPal to transfer money to your friends, family, transfer to your bank account or else to accept some donations for your blog. PayPal android app lets you do all this tasks from your mobile device.


This app allows the moderators to allow publish, disapprove, reply to the comments on the page if using Disqus for your blog.


Stumble Upon lets you explore the web, browse on your favorite topics, discover new and interesting items all over the web. Just swipe your mobile device to stumble new things.


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