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The presence of an Android smart phone in your daily drive will serve to infinitely improve the quality of that drive by the variety of assistance it can provide. When it is time to hit the road, whether for profession or pleasure, make sure to include these apps on your phone for a better drive. Some of these are apps that have already been included with your phone but might have flown under the radar due to owners being unaware of their usefulness.


GOOGLE MAPS, NAVIGATION, CARE LOGOThe best examples of this are the maps, navigation, and care modes. These are functions that are crucial to integration of the Android phone and your car, and each serve a different aspect of improving the drive. Maps, while not so useful when your hands are on the wheel, will allow you so favorite locations from your desktop or laptop and quickly bring up directions to them conveniently from your phone. Navigation is an all-inclusive GPS pack that functions well as long as you don't stray too far from a data source. Turning on Car Mode allows you to use the previous two functions of the Android phone in a hands free method.


If the Android phone you own is at least 2.2, it is possible to upgrade the original built-in voice search functions to those of the Google built Voice Actions. This allows you to write emails and text with your voice alone, as well as manage all navigation features. This will also allow you to search Google with your voice, making the drive much safer as you never need to touch your phone again after the initial touch to start the program. Google also offers an improvement to the maps and navigation features to help get you to your target location by searching out the best path and allowing everything to be controlled by voice.


WAZE LOGOFor those who view the majority of life as a fun contest, there is another GPS program by the name of Waze. Waze gets you from point A to point B just as well, but wants you to hit certain items along the way, share notable spots you drove passed, and helps to avoid traffic, accidents, speed traps, and find the good stuff. This is accomplished by social reporting, as Waze interfaces with social media to report directly to you the previous things that have been mentioned by the social networks on your Android phone. As an added feature anyone who is running Waze feeds into this data and Waze even offers a feature to turn the drive into a game by hitting certain intangible items to post a score and compete amongst your friends.

Android phones also have the capacity to stream music into your car, including the ability to bring you the news through your phone for your listening pleasure. Yet again, Google offers the best app by providing Google Reader service through the phone, allowing you to listen to books while you drive. Pandora radio is also usable through the phone, making for a unique listening experience with every drive.

This is a very small selection of the available driving apps for you to use through your Android phone to assist in your daily drive, and are worth browsing by all users.


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