Safety Tips In Shopping Online

One of the most exciting part in having a credit card is getting what you want, whenever, plus freebies! That is why free credit report comparison can give you a better deal with your money. Getting a good rating is also a good thing, especially in the long run, and one way to maximize your credit card is to use it for online shopping. And true, online shopping is now easier and cheaper, but for beginners how do we keep our online shopping safe?

Here are few precautionary measures and tips to keep in mind while shopping online: 


First things first, prevention is better than cure. There are several free anti-virus out there that provide enough protection for you like AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition or Avast, but it does not hurt to invest on some good paid anti-virus too. Another thing to look out for are some free Anti-Malware of Spyware application, the goal is to sniff out Key-loggers ready to make use of credit card numbers you type in. Make sure you regularly update your anti-virus and that your firewall is enabled. 

The Browser

A popular add on is WOT (Web of Trust) that shows you which websites are trustworthy based on millions of users’ experiences. There is also other apps like LastPass that protects and manages your passwords and site forms, and View Thru that lets you see through shortened URLs. Make sure that your browser supports SSL.

The Site

Look for signs of protection, look for an https in the web address of that page SSL is the tiny closed padlock or an unbroken key symbol in the address bar, or on the lower right corner of the window which means that the site is encrypted and secured. Also keep in mind that a reputable website does not ask you to reply confidential information through mail. Look out for signs that the site is legitimate like Better Business Bureau Online—(BBBOnline) and TRUSTe. Read the fine print of any transaction and the online shop’s rules and policies. 

Whenever in doubt, you can always go back to the Home page of the site and start over, you could also click through the sites that “recommend” the site to see if their claims are valid or not. And remember that recommendations, feedbacks and reviews are your best friend.
All in all, buying online items using credit card is safer, it does give you a lot of flexibility even when paying bills and a summary report by the end of the month. Online shopping is But lastly it offers you promos and discounts, just for spending money.

This is a guest post by Sarah. She writes for a Military Blog which share information regarding Cheap Military Flights, Military Trips, etc.