Alternatives: Yahoo Shut Down Yahoo Site Explorer!

If you’re a blogger, or if you’re a marketer who loves to do constant research, you will be aware of the Yahoo Site Explorer tool that most webmasters and search engine optimizer use to get backlink data.

If you’re familiar with SEO you would have heard the saying, links control the web, at least once and you will also have realized that getting your website to rank in the search engines is all about you having the right quality and proportion of links.

Sometimes, it can be a hell of a problem to find the right links for your websites, and it can be very painful to see your competitors get all the links and rank for your keywords. Fortunately, a tool like Yahoo Site Explorer makes it extremely easy to research your competitors to see where their links are coming from so you can duplicate it for your blog.

The main function of the Yahoo Site Explorer is that it makes it easy to get backlink data for your site and that of your competitors, and it also makes it easy for you to know why a site is ranking better than another. Unfortunately, the tool has just been shut down, and there is hardly any other tool that is more accurate that can be compared to the Yahoo Site Explorer tool, and to get access to some tools not as sophisticated you might have to pay a fortune.

My business gets almost all of its traffic from the search engines, and this was only possible because I’ve always been on the lookout for better tools to help my SEO. As a result, I have decided to research some better tools to help you survive the shutdown of Yahoo Site Explorer. If you have been affected by the recent shutdown of the Yahoo Site Explorer, and you need better tools to help you get things done. The two tools below should be of great help.

The first tool on this list is the one provided by the team at SEO Attack, and it is a very sophisticated SEO tool that gives you insight into pages on any site and backlinks to that site. It provides limited features for free and allows you to make up to five queries a day. If you want more features you can easily subscribe to get it.

The other tool on this list is Backlink Watch, and unlike the tool provided by SEO attack it is a very simple and straightforward tool, and it only gives insights into backlinks to your site.


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