Advantages And Disadvantages Associated With Cloud Storage

Advantages And Disadvantages Associated With Cloud Storage
Cloud storage is commonly used for file sharing and file hosting, due to its ease of use and inexpensive solution to hosting and sharing files. 

Many people are not familiar with the term “CLOUD STORAGE”, but it is simply another meaning for off-site file hosting and file sharing. Cloud storage involves hosting data, files, documents, or other digital media on servers that are not physically near you, or the recipients of the files. It allows for versatility when sharing or downloading files; as they can be accessed at any point in time. Unless the servers that they are hosted on happen to be down, or are malfunctioning, for any reason. 

There are several pros and cons to hosting files with cloud storage, so be sure that you weight them well to decide whether or not they are a good solution to your file sharing needs.

The Worst.....

Unfortunately, no file sharing solution is completely and positively beneficial, as each one has its own problems and flaws. This could be anything from incompatible file size for the method of transfer, to having to keep your computer running often in order for others to access the shared files. Cloud storage generally does not have these flaws, but instead they have others. One is that you do not know where your files are physically being stored. If you are not sure as to where your files are being stored, then you could be worrying with the laws of the unknown country; especially if your files are in violation of any laws within it. What may be completely legal in your country may be illegal in others. One solution to this is contacting the owner of the servers, to find out where your data is located. You can then check the laws of the corresponding country. The security of your files can also be compromised, and may be accessed by those who may hack the servers that your files are stored on. 

The Best!

Using a cloud storage website is incredibly beneficial for many reasons: it has a lower cost, allows individuals to access the files at any time, and it allows for you to save space on your computer. Cloud storage services are generally free or low cost, and revolve around shared servers. This means you do not have to pay for a private server, or a virtual private server. Using cloud storage at Egnyte allows you to upload the files once, and then your audience or clients can download the files at any hour of the day. Cloud storage does not require that your computer be running while sharing files for download; unlike direct file transfers. These benefits generally outweigh the cons of cloud storage, especially when the files in question are generally harmless and are completely legal in most countries. Cloud storage is incredibly beneficial, especially when you do not want to spend incredible amounts of money on private servers.