Top 3 Apps for Mommy Bloggers

Mommy blogs are all the rage these days! With so many competing bloggers out there, you might be struggling to find inspiration for your newest posts. These three apps are tools that can help you out in your everyday life, but they could also give you some great new insights for your blog. 

Epic Win: Best For Housework

Epic Win is not your average app for recording household chores. Although it does feature a to-do list to help keep track of whose turn it is to do what, the app adds a role-playing spin to mundane activities like washing the dishes or taking out the rubbish. Each task you complete earns you XP to improve and develop your character, represented by one of three free avatars (plus two extra available as in-app purchases). Perform well enough and you could earn the title of King of Win!


Kids Food Adventure makes food fun and exciting for your kids, helping them to discover delicious but healthy meals. With colourful images to keep kids engaged, the app also features fun facts for your kids to devour along with the food. Your kids can track their progress with colour-coded stars, rating the foods they’ve tried so far. The app is designed for parents and children to use together, so it also promotes some fun family interaction. You can use the app with more than one of the kids, and each can choose their own avatar to track their progress through the adventure.


Everyone wants to save money where they can, and Shop Savvy can help you do that easily without worrying about physically comparing the prices at different competing supermarkets. Instead, Shop Savvy allows you to instantly compare prices in local stores by scanning an item’s barcode using the camera on your new iPhone. There are over 22 million products registered in the Shop Savvy system, helping you to find exactly what you want for the lowest possible price.