Infographic: The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

The ideal web design client willingly accepts professional advice from a qualified web designer, but a horrible web design client rejects all recommendations. If the web designer recommends specific colors for the website, they are either too dull or too bright. If the web designer suggests certain fonts, the horrible client is sure to reject these because he or she thinks they do not adequately depict the intent of the website.

A web designer who has the unfortunate bad luck of having to deal with a horrible web design client has several options. The web designer can politely inform the client that the workload is full, and that there is no available time in which to design the website. The designer can tell the client that he or she is free to design the website without expert assistance. The third option is that the designer can inform the client that all preliminary work requires a 90 percent down payment. The final option is the last straw, and the designer can use this approach when all else fails.

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